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    How to use servicemix instance

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      Is there anyone who can tell me that how to use instance of servicemix? Exactly,I mean that what advantages the instance has.

      I use the command "admin:create test" to create a new instance,and then I start the instance and connect to it,using "osgi:list" command,I can see only dozens of bundles in it.After that I replace the org.apache.karaf.features.cfg file and the custom.properties file by old files in the old instance, start the instance again,and I can see hundreds of bundles list,but the cxf bundle and some jbi bundle are only installed state.I want to know why it happened?

      Btw,I use servicemix 4.4.


      I have some questions about the instance.

      1. Why do we need to use instance?

      2.If I use many instances,will the performance of servicemix  be better? For example,I have a proxyservice of external webservice using cxfbc,Can it resolve the problem that servicemix can process large count of user accesses more quickly and not hang,like the effect when we use web container clusting.

      3.If I can deploy the same bundle to many instances?

      4.If I embed the osgi container into a J2EE container like weblogic using a listener,can I create many instances ?

      5.what are the relationship  between the root instance and new created instance,the same or admin/client?

      6. The instances create by command and the cluster examples are different or they have some relationships?

      Hope anyone who knows the answers can tell me.Thanks a lot!