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    Error importing com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package

    Rogelio Sevilla Novice

      Good day everyone:


      Hope you can help me with this. I was asked to import an older java project into the fuse ESB so I converted it to a bundle, however, one of the classes on this project uses the com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package. When i try to start my bundle, I get the error:


      Unable to resolve 202.0: missing requirement package; (package=com.sun.image.codec.jpeg)



      When I try to run this application outside fuse, everything works fine (I guess because it's using my sun jdk environment, i don't know for sure), however, it seems that fuse ESB doesn't contain this package. 


      I read that it's bad practice to import sun packages on this page:





      However, i didn't develop this project and it's quite a lot of code. Is there anyway to import the functionality of the com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package into FUSE ESB???


      Thanks a lot in advance