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    fail to obtain type-mapping metada

    Jasmine Wong Newbie

      I got a "fail to obtain type-mapping metadata" error when deploying CMP. I am using JBoss 4.0.0./Java 1.4. I am using mySQL database.

      My mysqldb-ds.xml in my deploy directiory looks like:



      I have the datasource in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml to have the value "java:/DefaultDS". The datasource and type-mapping in standardjaws.xml have the values "java:/DefaultDS" and "mySQL", respectively.

      I also have the datasource and type-mapping in my own jbosscmp-jdbc.xml in META-INF to have the values "DefaultDS" and "mySQL".

      Do you know why is it complaining jboss.jdbc:datasource=DefaultDS, service=metadata is not registered?