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    How to use ibatis in servicemix4

    llwang0455 Newbie



      I need to connect to database in servicemix4,I use servicemix4.4.

      I use oracle database,and I get the method below:

      I find the oracle driver bundle and use c3p0 bundle to get connection to oracle;

      I put those two bundles above into the smx_home\deploy folder,and also put the oracle driver bundle into the smx_home\lib bundle.

      Fortunately,I can get connection to oracle database in other bundles code.

      But I got that in smx4,osgi has implemented the jdbc connection ,I want to know how to config the jdbc connection of oracle in smx4,and how to use ibatis in it.


      If you have resolved this issue,please tell me when you are not busy.I will waiting for your answers.

      Thanks a lot.