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    symlink inside webapps/camel/WEB-INF directory

    jeevan kumar Newbie



         I am using "Fuse Message Broker / Apache-ActiveMQ-5.5.0-fuse-00-27". As per my project's requirement, I have to modify applicationContext.xml file which is under webapps/camel/WEB-INF directory. So i created a file similar to applicationContext.xml including my changes and placed it in my project directory.


        Now, i created a symlink(applicationContext.xml) in webapps/camel/WEB-INF directory that refers to my applicationContext.xml which is in my project's directory. When i try to start the broker, it is not getting started.


        I think there is nothing wrong with my applicationContext.xml file. Because instead of symlink, if i directly copy the file to webapps/camel/WEB-INF directory, broker is getting started and everything is working as expected.


      Can anyone please let me know how to create a symlink inside  webapps/camel/WEB-INF directory?