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    Any OpenJPA examples?

    David Hill Newbie

      After working with Fuse 3.x for the past couple of years, I have recently started moving over to Fuse 4.4 and the OSGI world. So far it has gone great but the one area I'm really struggling in is the ORM layer. I've struggled so much that the last project I did I just used straight JDBC queries with the Spring wrappers.


      While using JDBC is good enough for my needs, I'd still really like to fully understand how to implement an ORM in OSGI. From what I have read, Hibernate doesn't really work well in an OSGI environment due to all the dynamic class.forName stuff. I have also read that OpenJPA is OSGI compliant.


      So, I'm wondering if there are any good examples out there of using OpenJPA (possibly with Aries? Is that the best way to go?) with Fuse 4. I've come across a few examples with using OpenJPA and OSGI and I'll start working my way through them. However, if anyone knows of a good example or two then it would save me some time.


      Thanks in advance.