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    how to proceed with multiple wsdl's using the same namespace

    maxvar Newbie

      We have multiple wsdl+xsd pairs from several web-services provided by an externally developed application. XSD files imported into WSDL's actually contain subsets of types defined in the same schema, so all of them share the same namespace.

      We process the files with cxf-codegen-plugin forming java object model which we package into a bundle together with original wsdl/xsd for use by other components within our servicemix.

      cxf-codegen-plugin overwrites java classes for the sames types coming from several XSD's, which is OK as they are really the same, but also overwrites ObjectFactory, leaving only types from the latest XSD, which is bad.

      This causes jaxb transformation fail if it comes across a type not in the latter ObjectFactory.

      Everything is fine when we use the services via created jaxws:clients injected into our processor. But we are more and more using POJO-XML conversions which rises the question.

      What's the proper way of handling/packaging/using object model from such set of wsdl's?