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    Load balancing in Fuse ESB 4.X




      Is there any possibility to configure load balancing in Fuse ESB 4.X?

      I do not mean load balancing of some activemq broker but all Fuse budnles. So if I have bundle with cxf jax-ws endpoint pointing to some address I want to create two separe instances (maybe connected by amq broker) of Fuse ESB with the same jax-ws endpoint with load balancing capabilities.

      Additionally this cluster has to support HA.

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          Hi Michal,


          I do have a similar requirement to implement, I need to Master/Slave Setup with

          having same duplicate instances with OSGI bundles and one machine should support in fail over of another.


          I dont want any load balancing between the Active Mq Brokers.


          Please confirm me whether anything worked out for you.


          Thanks in advance,