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    Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

      I am getting frequent deadlock exceptions. Though this doesn't actually cause problems on the client side, it actually slows things down a lot.

      Now I access all the data through a SLSB facade which then creates a SFSB session facade (which does validation checking), which accesses the entity beans.
      I can see in the stack trace where things are going wrong (client call to get the value object), but this actually is so fast that I cannot understand the 5s delays I am getting.

      According to the logs, it seems I have two processes asking the same thing at the same time (I get the errors double in the log). Now they do things in the same order (s it is identical code), so how can there be a deadlock?

      Questions how can I go about fixing this problem? I have looked at the stacktrace over and over, and it does not help me much. Is there a way to get more info regarding this problems (which bit needs the trace logging).

      Is there a way to make the delay from the dealock smaller?

      Thanks for the help,