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    Transaction isolation on 3.2.x with CMT (not CMP) using stra

    Todd Heaps Newbie

      I need to be abe to declare per-method transaction isolation levels in JBoss 3.2.x using container managed transactions but with bean managed persistence (we are using CMT but with a typical DAO pattern using JDBC under the covers).

      I think I remember reading somewhere that starting with one of the 3.2.x releases the ability to declare transaction isolation levels per EJB method was made available, but I can't find any reference to it now.

      Is this true or was I just dreaming? I have searched through the paid-for documentation, these forums, and the internet in general and can't seem to find an answer - so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Todd Heaps Newbie

          Does anyone have any advice for me on my previous post? I guess I could have been imagining things, but I know there have been other posts about this problem. The posts I remember are older (stating that tx isolation levels could only be set at the data source level I believe).

          Right now we are just using the database's default level (READ COMMITTED) but will need repeatable reads for a few EJB methods.

          Thanks again.