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    Generic deployment questions

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      We're currently evaluating Fuse. We downloaded the binaries, launched the ServiceMix and some examples, and everything seems fine.


      Now. I saw in the documentation that the Fuse can be deployed in application servers like JBoss. After two days of trying, there was really little success. We are messing around with Felix/JBoss problems that for non-OSGi experts (that's us :P ) looks like just too much complicated. I'm just amazed by the fact that although there are various examples of use, there is no example of how to deploy this whole application on an application server besides the "Karaf web" example that works in Jetty only. Interestingly, there's almost no articles about it around as well.


      So a question comes to my mind: is it even normal to deploy Fuse on an application server? Do people even do it or does everybody just run the Karaf in a console in production? Is the package downloaded from FuseSource (the whole Karaf on Felix and all features) supposed to be used as is or is this merely an example of use?




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