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    Define Simple Camel Route: ¿endpoints defined in same Bundle as route?

    Jesús Gutiérrez Povedano Newbie



      I wanted to ask you for the best way to create a simple route in Camel with a WS-consumer and WS-provider.


      If I am not wrong, I have two basic options:


      Opt1 .- Create a Bundle with the definition of the route, cxfbc-consumer and cxfbc-provider (all packaged in the same bundle). To define another route I would add to this Bundle or create another new and defines the endpoints. This is good because everything is compacted in a bundle.


      Opt2 .- I define 3 Bundles: One for cxfbc-consumer, one for provider and one for Camel route. In this case the endpoints are published through NMR and camel route can access them (I guess the cxf endpoints are published with target attribute to "nmr:service").


      What you think is the best approach? Packaged togheter? or separately and extensive use of NMR?


      Greetings and thanks at all