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    jaxws:endpoint without implementor attribute. Is possible?

    Jesús Gutiérrez Povedano Newbie



      I'm trying to do the classical:


      External WS Client  --> endpoint --> Camel route --> Endpoint --> External WS Provider


      I know that cxfbc works but I want to move to OSGi Bundles.


      I tried cxf:endpoint and it worked but I read cxf:endpoint may have less functionality than jaxws:endpoint (handlers perhaps??), so I want to test jaxws:endpoint and jaxws:client instead cxf component.


      My question is: Can I use jaxws:endpoint as proxy to send request message to Camel route?


      I thing that if implementor attribute is required (reference to Spring Pojo) I must implement that service but I dont want is as provider, only as proxy.


      Greetings and thanks at all


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