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    Routing to POJO - not working

    Mrudul Palvankar Novice

      I have created to bundles.


      1. POJO service bundle - this is a simple POJO with the interface and only one method with one String parameter and return as String. This bundle uses blueprint to declare the bean and registering with registry.



      When I deply these budles and perform osgi:list, I see following on colsole:

      DataValidation OSGi Service (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)

      Service Routing as OSGi (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)



      1. The routing is not getting invoked as I do not see any SOPs on the console. Is there anything missing in configurations of both bundles?

      2. What does for Service Routing as OSGi mean?

      3. A similar example in examples of FUSE ESB (camel-blueprint) works but my routing bundle doe not work. Is there anything missing in bundles?


      Appreciate help on this issue.