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    JAXB Marshalling and Character Escape Hander

    Rod Miller Newbie

      I have a JAX-B annotated class that contains an String element that has the contents of a CDATA section






      When utilising the JAX-B marshalling availible in camel via


      JaxbDataFormat jaxbFormatter = new JaxbDataFormat( "location of schema");


      from("some URI").marshal(jaxbFormatter);


      The output appears as character escaped e.g.:


      &lt;![CDATA[SOME CDATA HERE]] ]]&gt;


      Previously in plain java I have got round the problem by using a charater escape handler:


      JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(myClass.class);     


      Marshaller marshaller = context.createMarshaller();               


      // Add an handler to prevent the CDATA section from being removed

      marshaller.setProperty( "com.sun.xml.bind.characterEscapeHandler", new CdataCharacterEscapeHandle());  


      java.io.StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();

      marshaller.marshal(alarm, sw);


      Is there a mechanism to set properties on the marshaller used in Camel, or is there an alternative sollution that I can utilised in Camel to marshall my CDATA?