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    Unable to resolve package javax.xml.rpc

    Mrudul Palvankar Novice

      Hi All


      I have a web service on FUSE ESB which needs to invoke external web service (JasperServer). The external web service WSDL uses RPC/encoded.


      I generated proxy classes using jaxrpc.jar and trying to use the proxy from the web service on FUSE ESB. I have added a dependecy on jaxrpc,



      and also imported the package javax.xml.rpc.


      But when I deploy the web service bundle, the bundle does not start. On trying to explicitly start the bundle, I get an error as:


      Unresolved constraint in bundle runreport-service-interface-impl : Unable to resolve 339.0: missing requirement package; (package=javax.xml.rpc)


      Is there anything that I am missing?