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    EJB 1.1 finder problem with JBoss 4.0

    Mika Laitio Newbie


      I am having quite a many EJB 1.1 CMP beans which works fine with the JBoss 2.5.
      Bean finder methods are configured in the JAWS.XML.
      findAll kind of methods where tag is left empty are working fine
      but when I try to use finder methods which has following parameters I get exceptions.

      For example following finder

      cParentId = {0}

      will throw javax.ejb.FinderException: Unknown query: public abstract java.util.Enumeration test.jboss.cmp.TemplateItemEntityHome findByParentId(long) throws java.rmi.RemoteException, javax.ejb.FinderException

      Has the JAWS.XML query language changed in JBoss 3 or 4 or do I need to convert
      all EJB 1.1 beans to EJB 2.0 format if I want them to work with JBoss 4?