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    activemq request - reply not working

    Greg Davidson Newbie

      I have this route:

      <camel:route >

      <camel:from uri="activemq:{{amq.request.queue}}" />

      <camel:to uri="http://{{esb.host.name}}:{{.esb.port}}?bridgeEndpoint=true"></camel:to>


      <!-- <camel:bean method="viewExchangeContents" ref="messageDebugViewer" /> -->




      I send a message to the queue.  This camel route picks up the message, makes the HTTP call configured, applys business logic, sends the response to the JMSReplyTo queue.


      The JMS message sent has the JMSReplyTo set and the JMSCorrelationID is set.


      I do see that the message makes it to the queue as designated by JMSReplyTo header, but there is no content on the message???


      I put a bean (messageDebugViewer) in the route...just to see if we have data from the HTTP endpoint.  There is data, as expected on the exchange.getIn().getBody()....but that body/message never makes it to the JMSReplyTo queue??


      Why is there no body/content in the message in the queue designated by the JMSReplyTo header?


      Thanks for the help!