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    Singleton in OSGI container

    Eric Bender Newbie

      Is there a standard in regards to deploying a singleton as a JAR within OSGI that can be referenced by deployed camel routes?  Should I just code a singleton, create a jar and deploy it an include it in the camel's osgi bundle imports?  Are singletons a good idea for stateful information within servicemix or should I try to find a stateless method of accomplishing the same thing?


      For example I have a route that runs every hour, and I want a singleton to manage and contain the last run time, status, etc that can be leveraged when the route runs again in the future.

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          You want to deploy the singleton bean in another bundle? And refer to this bean from another bundle that has a Camel route?


          Instead you could just use a bean in the same bundle as the Camel route, and just define it as a  in the XML file. The scope is by default singleton AFAIR.


          You may also want to check out RoutePolicy in Camel



          In Camel 2.9 onwards, we are adding many more lifecycle callbacks to the RoutePolicy such as

          - onStart

          - onStop