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    Spring MVC application under Fuse ESB

    Piotr Grzywacz Newbie

      i've created simple Spring MVC application from SpringSource Tool template.


      It works greate on Tomcat, but i wanted to move this application to Fuse ESB.


      I copied my war file do deploy folder.


      I've looked in karaf, and it shows me, that application is started.


      Next i looked in logs and i sow:


      Fri Dec 09 2011 15:54:56 GMT+0100 (CET) WARN Cannot search for matching files underneath URL bundle://241.0:1/com/ptest/app/ because it does not correspond to a directory in the file system


      where com/ptest/app is my package - com.ptest.app


      Karaf shows me, that application is runing, but when i try to open my application, page with 404 shows.


      In logs i see, that url is not mapping.


      Can i run MVC application under Fuse ESB ?