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    FUSE ESB and Drupal

    kevin limperos Newbie



      I have a several general questions regarding ESB technology and Drupal CMS.

      Drupal, it seems, has progressed into a phenomenon much as OpenSource ESB integration technology. Perhaps it's not unreasonable to depict it as a "client-side ESB"? Moreover, Drupal now has add-on modules to support web service hosting for its "nodes", ready integration with Apache projects like Solr, and a rich ecosystem of other components.


      Can anyone please comment on where this is heading and how ESB and Drupal technology may begin to overlap more? Does anyone expect Drupal will be readily integrated with Fuse (or other) ESB - or has this already happened? Are these technologies likely to eventually merge?


      Also, what does the space of problems best solved by Drupal vs. ESB integration patterns look like?


      Thank you for your thoughts.

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          They are two different technologies.


          Drupal is a CMS product

          Fuse ESB is a ESB product


          Where they may appear to overlap is in terms of integration. All business of today have integration needs. With the CMS you need to feed it with data, and as well get data our of it. So in that light, you can combine and use both products. The ESB as the integration layer, and the CMS as the yeah the CMS layer.