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    Consumer does not consume certain messages

    Thomas Guenter Newbie



      in our productional environment, we use message queues in a request reply scenario. Now, we encountered the problem that about 0.5% of all responses do not reach the client but couldn't track down why.


      We use a sync JMS client based on the JmsTemplate and a pooled connection factory.  We also ensured that the client and the server host are in sync to prevent timing issues.


      The attached log file shows the trace of a message retrieved successfully by the client and one which has not been retrieved (no ack available and the client run into the time out).


      Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue in our case?


      Java 1.6

      Client: activemq-core-5.3.1-fuse-02-01.jar, spring-core-2.5.6.SEC01.jar

      Broker: fuse-message-broker-5.3.1-00-00


      Thanks in advance.