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    deploy cxf webservice info fuse ESB

    Piotr Grzywacz Newbie

      i'm starting with creating CXF webservice for Fuse ESB and i have small problem with deploying it on ESB.


      I've created webservice from maven archetype - "cxf-jaxws-javafirst"


      Everythign goes well and i have "mvn install" the project.


      In beans.xml i have:





        address="/HelloWorld" />

      mvn created me file - cxfjaxws-1.0.0.war


      I've copied this file to my esb deploy folder.


      Next i've checked in esb log, where i found informations, that everything goes well.


      On my component webpage i found informations:


      Web-ContextPath: /cxfjaxws

      But when i'm trying to open url






      only thig that i see is:


      No service was found.

      But on the other hand when i copied the same file to normal tomcat i can open site:



      where i see correct XML output.


      What is wrong?


      Thanks for help.