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    Unable to delete temperory queues using ActiveMQ NMS API for .Net

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      Objective: After implementing Request-Response system using ActiveMQ Queue, I need to delete the temperory queues created by client(Request System).


      The steps involved in Request System(Client):

      1.The client creates a temperory queue and a listener/subscriber for it.

      2.It forms a hello request message and sets the temperary queue destination in the ReplyToDestination property of that message.

      3.And it sends that message to the dedicated queue in server.


      Inside the response system(Server),

      I have used that temp queue ReplyToDestination of the requesting message to respond.


      Once the client recieved all the responses from the server, it has to delete the temperory queue which had been created by itself at start.


      I have tried with many ways like queue.Delete(),session.DeleteQueue(DESTINATION),connection.DeleteDestination(destination),SessionUtil.DeleteDestination(session, destination) and so on..

      No error but nothing works to remove the queues.I could still see those queues listed on the web admin console.


      Is there a way to delete the temperory queues completely using the ActiveMQ NMS API for .Net?


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