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    Tuning Fuse ServiceMix

    Stéphane Pain Newbie



        I trying to tuning Fuse ServiceMix. I have an application that call a HTTP Endpoint Consumer. This application is a mult-thread application which can call a lot of time Fuse.


      I log the execution of each call to Fuse.


      I already change the file org.apache.servicemix.jbi.cfg and the parameter corePoolSize :



      My problem is when I call Fuse with one thread, the execution time is T. But if I have 10 threads t1, t2, ..., t10 which call Fuse (the same endpoint), the exceution time is T1 < T2 < T3 < ... < T10 and T10 = 2 * T


      So my question is why the execution time increase when I have more then 1 thread ? I'm agree, the execution time must be increase if I have maybe 100 threads or more, but with only 10 threads.


      How can I tune Fuse for have a best execution time ?


      Thank you for your help


      Best regards