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    where can I find documentation on jndi datasource?

    Jean-Yves Terrien Newbie

      Happy New Year


      I found the doc to fuseESB 3.3 to about jndi datasouce:



      but I use the version 4.4.1_01_06 and I can not find the equivalent for this release


      where can I find this documentation?


      the configuration of version 3.3 is in $ InstallDir/conf

      and that of version 4.4 in $ InstallDir/etc

      The documentation of version 3.3 can it work on version 4.4 if I fix this path?


      What should I adjust in order to define the datasources on version 4.4.1?


      Which define the JDBC drivers to load at startup?


      thank you



      PS: sorry for my approximative english