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    How to load all fuse default  bundles using PAX Exam

    santosh kumar Newbie


      I having a bit of hard time loading all default bundles that fuse ESB loads.We are using Fuse 4.3 and we are into integration testing .Its been a pleasure using the product.But I am doing integration testing using PAX


      I have figured out the easier way would be to do exactly the same way smx starts -using features.My code is as below



           public static Option[] configuration() throws Exception {

                return combine(

                // Default karaf environment


                          // this is how you set the default log level when using pax

                          // logging (logProfile)


                          mavenBundle().artifactId( "servicemix-jms" ).groupId( "org.apache.servicemix" ).version("2011.02.1-fuse-02-13"),

                          // add two features


      *                              maven().groupId("org.apache.felix.karaf")*

      *                              .artifactId("apache-felix-karaf").type("xml")*

      *                              .classifier("features").versionAsInProject(), "obr",*

      *                              "wrapper","spring","spring-dm")*,









                          // Test on both equinox and felix




      As you have seen i have tried both methods.scanFeatures and mavenBundle .


      QS 1) Ideally i would like scan features to work with all the features .I would like to know what would be thew best way to set it up?


      QS 2)I know its bit too much to ask  mapping featuresBoot to featuresRepositories (like karaf-framework is in mvn:org.apache.karaf.assemblies.features/standard/2.2.2-fuse-02-13/xml/features) but i am having hard time locating the needed features.We have narrowed down to a select few based on our project.it would be great if you can point where to look for them




      Am i missing anything essential.We are heavily using spring,spring-dm,activemq,camel,cxf



      Thanks for reading such a long  query.Your patience and effort is much appreciated