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    Securing webconsole with LDAP doesn't work (FUSE ESB 4.3.1)

    hello sir Newbie

      Hi there,


      I'm using Fuse ESB 4.3.1 and read through the tutorial on securing fuse with LDAP using this tutorial


      Link: http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.4/esb_security/FESBLDAPTutorial.html


      I downloaded apache ds and apache directory and enter in all the roles/users etc that the example does.


      Then I launch servicemix and open up another console and try to do a remote client call, the problem is that every user I defined in apache ds (crider, janedoe, jdoe) are able to access remote client. Same thing with the webconsole.


      Just for giggles, I decided to install fuse esb 4.4 and did the exact same steps and  everything works. I would upgrade to 4.4, but my task specifically calls to use servicemix 4.3.


      If someone could shed some light on this issue, that would be great.


      Thanks in advance.


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