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    Fuse ESB unexpectedly shuts down core packages

    Timothy Stewart Newbie

      We have a deployment process here where we stage our files on one linux box, and we "promote" them to our dev server.  The promotion process uses rsync to sync the folders up.  The same process is then basically repeated to move to the test and production environments.


      In moving code onto our dev servers, sometimes I would delete all my jars from the deploy folder and push the change (so that it deletes on the dev server and fuse hot-undeploys), then copy the new jars in and push that (so then it hot-deploys).


      Other times I will just put my new jars in place and remove the old then do the sync, so I guess the dev server will undeploy and deploy several times (depending on how many new bundle jars there are) and I assume it should resolve the dependencies as required.


      Sometimes this works, but occasionally, I see that fuse esb shuts down the core packages.  Then when I try to do osgi:list in the karaf console it says:


      smx@root> la

      Command not found: osgi:list


      When the event in the attached log occured, I did the following.


      We had 15 bundle jars in the deploy folder.  I removed them all and replaced them.  6 of those were new, so when the rsync happened it first copied over 6 new jars with a new version number, and then it deleted 6 jars with the old version number.


      You can see the JARs being unloaded in the logs, but then it starts working on core camel jars.. but I didn't touch those of course.. only our own jars in the deploy folder.


      When I restart, everything is usually okay.  Occasionally I get a bundle that says Failure with no apparent reason.  I move it out of deploy and back in and it fixes it.


      My main question is about the core services shutting down.  Does anyone know why it is happening and/or how I avoid it?


      Secondarily, why do I occasionally get perfectly good bundles which do not deploy, but don't leave a trace of any problem in the logs?  I have to move them out of deploy and back in, and they seem to work.


      Thanks for any assistance.


      - Tim Stewart.