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    CXF Not Found,Problem accessing /cxf

    Venkatroyal Ayyappan Newbie



         I have deployed an sample CXF-JAXRS application in servicemix-4.4.1.fuse.01.06.


         While navigating to the URL - http://localhost:8181/SampleApp/myservice/user/InsertTestData,the below message is displayed in brower.


      "  HTTP ERROR: 404

      Problem accessing /cxf/SampleApp/myservice/user/InsertTestData. Reason:


          Not Found."


        There is no error or information reported in the servicemix.log file.


        I have tried the following ways.


        1) features:install cxf

        2) Providing an alias through org.apache.cxf.osgi.cfg in /etc folder.


        The above options are not working.


         Please let me know how to resolve this issue ASAP.


         Thanks in Advance..