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    Camel vs CXF vs ServiceMix

    sam bala Newbie

      I wonder what is the role of ServiceMix and is it mandatory to have it in your mix when selecting CXF as webservice framework and Camel as EAI pattern provider. I am asking this question in the context of running websphere as deployment container and having use cases like service proxy, routing to external webservice, etc.,


      In particular, the camel-cxf-proxy example, does it need servicemix or would it successfully run in a websphere web container with just camel and cxf components?

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          No you can choose a-la-carte.


          Using Camel + CXF deployed as WAR files in WebSphere is a great solution.


          ServiceMix / FuseESB is a ESB server (eg has start/stop scripts etc.) where as Camel and CXF is libraries (eg just a bunch of JAR files). Fuse ESB provides Camel, AMQ, CXF and more out of the box, all integrated together.


          So in your use-case I would go for Camel + CXF deployed as WAR files in WebSphere.