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    servicemix automatically reruns route although it is not finished

    Ja kub Novice

      request is with web service client eg soap ui or from java,

      I do







      .enrich("direct:fetchAccounts", new AccountAggregationStrategy()) - here in aggregation restart of "direct:findContract" appears



      AccountAggregationStrategy.merge contains some nested looping, it takes about 10 minutes to finish this nested fors,

      after about 3 minutes route "direct:findContract" starts again with the same request, the first aggregation continues execution


      there is no error log or stack trace in karaf log:tail


      what can cause restart????

      I cannot reproduce it in other scenario, i tried other route, with looping with Thread.sleep(10sec) * 30 (5 minutes with wakeups) and no restart appeared!!!


      if client would trigger some recall after timeout it would happen every time, but it happens only in this route, in this aggregation


      can jetty do it??

      or service mix??

      but when? when it see some problem with memory connected with some timeout??

      but there is no log or stack trace in console


      any suspition what can cause it? what test can I do ? how to investigate


      can I set some large timeout to route or to enrichment?


      Thanks for help