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    Best way to insert an old app into fuse

    Rogelio Sevilla Novice

      Good day everyone,


      I want to deploy an old application within Fuse ESB but honestly I don't really now what would be the best strategy to achieve that.


      This application needs quite a lot of old libraries like c3p0 0.9.1, hibernate 3.2.5 , castor  3.2.1, drools 4.0.7 and many many more.


      My initial strategy was to convert all of this libraries into bundles using the bnd tool, and deploy them as a feature. However, that would mean a LOT of work considering that I have to verify that every exported package is versioned, and I'm talking around 35-40 libraries and obviously quite a lot of packages.


      I just wanted to check with you if there's another (better) way of achieving this or if I should re think the strategy??



      Thanks a lo in advance for your time.