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    Using embedded message broker in a network of brokers

    doug smith Newbie

      The ability to configure the FUSE version of service mix (4.4.1-fuse-01-13) to participate in a network of brokers eludes me. I can establish a network of brokers using Active MQ 5.5.1-fuse-01-13, but for some reason the emdedded case eludes me, even if I start a non-embedded message broker and use a network connector that points to the listener endpoint of an embedded broker.


      Note I can point JMS clients to the embedded brokers, I just can't get them to network together.


      Is there a configuration option or other ways to enable this? The canonical example would be the embedded broker in instance A configured to forward messages to the embedded broker in instance B. A producer could connect to A, and a consumer connected to B could consume message forwarded from A.


      Can someone point me to a detailed example configuration that illustrates this?