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    How to get started with SoA?

    Jason H Newbie

      Hello All-


      I am been studying Service Oriented Architecture, and to better understand how it works, I want to setup a small SOA project at home.  Is there an easy start guide for beginners that just takes your through it easily?


      I have read about SOA, but its acronym after acronym and then more buzz words.  I just want something down and dirty that works, and I want to improve from there.  I'm interested in SOA and would like to play with it. 


      Any help would be appreicated


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          Claus Ibsen Master



          I guess a good way is a combination with reading material / books etc. And then hands on experience trying out various SOA products and implementing some SOA projects.


          SOA is a overloaded and broad term. So its not really confined to a single product / technology etc. So its hard to say when something is SOA or when its not.


          You can say the FuseSource products can be used in a SOA infrastructure.


          Good luck with your studies.