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    Understanding details of karaf JAAS impl

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      I have a project and could use some guidance on how to get started. I want to implement some sort of simple authentication (form/basic) on a Spring MVC servlet using the karaf JAAS realm.


      I've read a lot of documentation but am not really understanding how to put it together into one cohesive unit. I have completed this tutorial: http://fusesource.com/docs/esb/4.4/esb_security/CamelJetty-BasicAuth.html but it uses a camelcontext route URI endpoint, and I've got a dispatcherservlet pointing to a jsp page.


      Can you point me to documentation, tutorials, (complete, preferably not-too-complicated) examples dealing specifically with the karaf jaas realm that I can use to get started? I want to use the PropertiesLoginModule.


      Thanks! I am obviously a newb.


      Using Fuse 4.4.1 02-05

      Maven 3.0.4



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