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    jboss xdoclet tags for a 1-M with a cross table

    stephen smithstone Newbie

      I have 2 beans

      say AccountBean and CostCentreBean

      now AccountBean points to a table with a column Ref which contains the accountcode which is the primary key and the CostCentreBean points to a table with 2 columns
      accountcode and reference which are the primary key. I have mapped this ok using xdoclet

      now i have a cross-relation table that looks after what costcentres that account has activated and in this table there is 3 columns

      accountCode , PRDAccountCode , costcentre

      accountCode points to the AccountBean.accountCode ,
      PRDAccountCode points to the CostCentre.accountCode and costcentre points to CostCentreBean.costcentre

      so now i want to map this as a uni-directional relationship on the AccountBean

      so i have

      public abstract java.util.Collection getEnabledCostCentres() ;

      in the AccountBean code , and was wondering if some one could me with the correct jboss xdoclet tags and ejb.relation tag for this method