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    Camel Route: putting data in the body for use in DB query

    paul berry Newbie

      Hi All, I have a problem with one of my camel routes that I'm trying to solve without using the clunky workaround I've come up with.


      Basically I'm taking an XML file, splitting it into seperate entities and then putting some information from those entities into a database.


      Now, because of the way the database endpoints work in camel, the message I send to them has to have the 'parameters' for the database query present in a list in the body of the message. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to construct this body using the Spring DSL. 


      I've resorted to a workaround of putting the parameters into headers, then using a custom process to extract those headers and construct my body appropriately.


      Here's the section of the route:




      I'm sure there should be a more elegant way of doing this entirely in the route without resorting to the process, but I can't figure out how to do it.  My attempts with 'setbody' only seem to let me add one body element rather than a list of elements... what am I missing?