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    Package exposed via two dependency

    Moacir Cardoso Newbie

      How to solve this?


      Error executing command: Unable to resolve module br.teste.dao because it is exposed to package 'javax.persistence.spi' from org.apache.geronimo.specs.geronimo-jpa_2.0_spec and org.apache.servicemix.specs.java-persistence-api-1.1.1 via two dependency chains.                                                                               

      Chain 1:                                                                               


      import: (&(package=javax.persistence.spi)(jpa=2.0)(version>=1.1.0))                                                                               


      export: package=javax.persistence.spi                                                                               


      Chain 2:                                                                               


      import: (package=org.springframework.orm.jpa)                                                                               


      export: package=org.springframework.orm.jpa; uses:=javax.persistence                                                                               


      import: (&(package=javax.persistence)(version>=1.0.0)(!(version>=3.0.0)))                                                                               


      export: package=javax.persistence; uses:=javax.persistence.spi                                                                               

      export: package=javax.persistence.spi                                                                               



      I am using servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-02-05.

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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          The root cause is that you install some bundles which need different javax.persistence.spi versions, also those bundles has dependency with each other.


          Let's say

          bundle A import-package javax.persistence.spi 2.0, bundle A also import-package x.y.z

          bunde B export-package  x.y.z with "use" directive like uses:="javax.persistence.spi" and also import-package javax.persistence.spi with version 1.1.1.

          Let's say bundle B already get resolved and started.

          When resolve bundle A, it will use export-package x.y.z from bundle B, but  as bundle B export-package  x.y.z uses:="javax.persistence.spi" and bundle B get resolved to import javax.persistence.spi 1.1.1, so it's not meet bundle A's restriction which need javax.persistence.spi 2.0, then you see such exception.


          Here bundle A is your customer bundle br.teste.dao and bundle B is org.springframework.orm, I think you have two options here to resolve it.


          1. for your customer bundle br.teste.dao don't import javax.persistence.spi 2.0


          or if your customer bundle br.teste.dao really need JPA 2.0, you can try

          2. don't install org.apache.servicemix.specs.java-persistence-api-1.1.1 from your OSGi container and let org.springframework.orm wire in JPA 2.0