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    Client URI for loadbalancing and failover

    Adrian Brennan Newbie

      Say we have a network of brokers, 4 in total, 2 in one location, 2 in another. We want clients to loadbalance across the 2 local instances, and failover to any of the 2 remote instances.


      What should the client connection URI look like?



      Simple local loadbalancing is like this:




      Simple failover to a remote instance is like this:




      but I don't think I can combine the two like this:


      failover:(failover:(tcp://local1:61616,tcp://local2:61616), failover:(tcp://remote1:61616,tcp://remote2:61616))?randomize=false


      The closest I've seen is described in the  Failover Transport Reference  and looks like this:




      I don't think this will really loadbalance... it'll just try to revert to either local1 or local2 after a failover to remote1.


      Any ideas?