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    How ServiceMix can pass through the ws provider client xml schema requests

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        I need some help to understand how to configure a ws (spring) bundle on service mix in order to let it manage ws client xsd soap requests avoiding a direct connection between ws client and ws provider.


        I have a ws provider (jboss + db) and the bundle of this ws is deployed in fuse service mix.

        Everything works fine, if a ws client sends soap requests to the bus the bus passes that requests to the ws provider. The bus waits for ws provider to respond and answers to the ws client.


      This does not happen if the ws client needs to access to the xsd schemas written in the wsdl that service mix is currently running.


      Tipycally this happens when creating a soapui project.

      If I create a soapui project , I put a name for my project and the ip address of the wsdl that is running in service mix. In this situation soapui creates a project starting from what is written in the wsdl and in there are present the xsd references to the schemas that are in the ws provider. In this situation and in my current bundle configuration when this xsd request comes from the ws client the bus tells to the client to go directly to the provider to receive and answer to that.


      I need the bus to be able to manage this kind of requests avoiding the direct connection between ws client and provider.


      I know I have to change something into the beans.xml configuration and maybe in the manifest too, in order to let service mix rewrite some parts of the wsdl, but i can not find an example of that.


      thank u in advance for any answer to this question.

      I post here my beans.xml