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    Doesn't work examples on 4.4.1-fuse-03-06

    Andy Andys Newbie


      Yesterday I downloaded last build it is 4.4.1-fuse-03-06.


      I have some trouble with my application, but when I tried to start cxf-osgi it also didn't work.

      I have got the "Connection refused" in Client.java. (or STATUS: 12029 in Client.html)

      The localhost:8181/cxf/HelloWorld?wsdl also unavailable.


      cxf-osgi has status 'Active' but not 'Started'

      The cxf-osgi deployed without errors, all bundles resolved (it had put 'log:set TRACE' before deployment)


      Could you hint me the way of understanding cause of troubles ?



      the similar troubles I have got with camel examples, where route uses timer://springTimer, it also didn't work.

      Deployed, moved to 'Active' but not 'Started', log:display-exception is empty.