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    memory leak, OutOfMemoryError - with testcase

    Ja kub Novice

      on second run of below route I get OutOfMemoryError


      final genereated xml file is 50Mb, servicemix is started with -Xmx 2048


      in comments I show heap size shown by jvisualvm

      general idea is I generate response with 20.000 objects, than I convert it to Document, serialize to xml and send to client


      public class MemoryTestRoute extends RouteBuilder {




          public void configure() throws Exception {


              TransformMemoryTestRequest transformRequest = new TransformMemoryTestRequest();






                      .bean(transformRequest, "transformToSzukajResponse") // before transform heap is 240MB after 260MB


                      .bean(transformRequest, "dbg1") // here in brkp its 260MB




                      .bean(transformRequest, "dbg2") // here in brkp its 720MB

                      .bean(transformRequest, "transformDocument")



                      .bean(transformRequest, "debug"); // here in brkp its 740MB, meanwhile it peaked to 1200MB but possibly gc run





      during sending to client memory peaks to 1500 MB, afterwards heapsize is 1000MB and memory is not fried, it dont return to starting point, on next run of the same route I get java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

      if I force gc with visualvm before second run heap size falls only to 950 MB










      here helper class to generate 20.000 objects in response and do some debuging


      public class TransformMemoryTestRequest {


          public Document transformDocument(Document input) {


              System.out.println("transformDocument input " + input);

              return input;



          public SzukajResponse transformToSzukajResponse(Object input) {


              System.out.println("transformToSzukajResponse input " + input);

              SzukajResponse response = new SzukajResponse();


              for (int i = 0; i < 20000; i++){


                  response.add generated object



              return response;



          public SzukajResponse debug(SzukajResponse response) {


              System.out.println("kontrakty.size " + response.getRezultatWyszukiwania().getKontrakts().size());


              return response;



          public Object dbg1(Object input){

              System.out.println("dbg1 " + input);


              return input;



          public Object dbg2(Object input){

              System.out.println("dbg2 " + input);


              return input;



          public Object dbg3(Object input){

              System.out.println("dbg3 " + input);


              return input;


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          Ja kub Novice

          I see memory is lost in such iteration




                          .bean(transformRequest, "dbg2")




                          .bean(transformRequest, "dbg3")




                          .bean(transformRequest, "dbg4")


          // here memory cannot be garbage collected !!!

          // I think already in this place memory used by previous marshall/unmarshall could be fried, but it cant




                          .bean(transformRequest, "dbg1")



          Memory cannot be fried - garbage collected even when route is finished and successfully sent co client (soapUi) - I press perform GC in visualvm and gc collets only a few mb


          it cannot be gc even after refresh of bundle

          and even after restart of bundle

          and even after stop of bundle


          and even after features:uninstall app-features(.xml)

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            Willem Jiang Master



            What your bean doing in the method of dbg4?


            If you want the big document object to be GCed, you may need to set the message body to be null. You can also use the profile tool to trace which object holds the reference of the big document?



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              Ja kub Novice

              in dbg4 I only printed dbg message, as in dbg1,2,3,


              It turned out, that, suprisingly, increasing memory to 4GB helped to this OutOfMemoryError.


              Now there is no problem, gc works.


              My observation/suspition is that gc couldn't be run on large object (dom Document about 700mb) when there was little memory, increasing available memory makes gc possible - jvm cannot free memory when it is most needed.