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    What's the best way to deploy camel-cxf inside of servicemix-camel for 3.4

    Tim Gates Newbie

      Hello All,


      First my environment:

      Using Fuse ESB - yes, I know it's old



      I'm trying to use camel-cxf inside of servicemix-camel.  When attempting to do this I first encountered the 'No endpoint found' error that occured because CXF wasn't being found by Camel.  After hunting around I found the following link that describes how to include camel-cxf as a dependency in servicemix-camel. 

      I've done so and everything seems to be working OK.  My question is whether or not this is the recommended way to solve my problem.  I'd prefer not to have to deploy a rebuilt servicemix-camel component.


      Thanks for any advice.


      Here is the link: https://cwiki.apache.org/CAMEL/how-to-use-extra-camel-componets-in-servicemix-camel.html





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