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    When more than 1000 consumers..

    denisa denisa Newbie

      Hi all!

      I use apache-activemq-5.5.1-fuse-03-06 with with wso2esb 4.0.3.

      With apache-activemq-5.5.1-fuse-03-06 client library wso2esb 4.0.3 use axis2-transport-jms-1.1.0.wso2v6.jar library.


      In ESB I use collection of consumers to distibute the workload (many consumers processing messages from the same queue) and when count of consumers more than 1000 then process of connection to brocker

      goes very slow.


      I use many tuning options, that described in the Tuning Guide Fuse brocker but i have this issue. Tested OS- Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu 11


      Can anybody help me?

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          garytully Novice

          are the consumers distributed over a number of connections? In other words, when you see the subscriptions in the jmx console, do you see corresponding connections. It would be best to use multiple connections for such a large number of consumers.

          Also, it may make sense to reduce the prefetch value from the default, because for each consumer, the broker will keep prefecth quantity of messages in memory if the producers are sufficiently fast. This could cause the producer side to block.