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    Log4j Renderer not working...

    Brian Henry Newbie



      I'm trying to set up a custom log4j object renderer in org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg and although I can see the renderer being initialised, it doesn't get invoked when the logging system renders the class in question.




      In a debugging session I can see that my custom renderer is included in log4j's "RenderingMap" object (with com.my.ObjectToRender as its key), but the lookup of this map fails, or in fact never happens because the log message has been converted from com.my.ObjectToRender to a String.


      I'm not sure where this conversion occurred or what's doing it, but was wondering if anyone has come across this issue, or if it's a known bug.


      I do have a work-around where I can manually call my custom renderer on the object before its logged, but obviously this isn't ideal.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated..!