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    Can't convert HTTP Response with no Content-Type to String

    jamie archibald Apprentice

      I have a case where I am doing an HTTP POST to a web server and the response is text but camel cannot convert the body to a string. Instead the conversion results in an empty string.





      // this results in an empty string



      I examined the response body and it is a CachedOutputStream$WrappedInputStream. If I introspect through the body I can see the actual text that the server is responding with.


      I turned on debugging for the camel http component and it is saying that the Content-Type isn't found in the http response. Would this contribute to the problem?


      My only work around is to write my own type converter, however I was hoping camel's built in type converters could handle this.


      Or I was hoping to somehow force the http endpoint to read the response as text.