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    CXF karaf Deployment

    Gautham Rajanna Newbie



      I am trying to deploy an cxf application in karaf as a bundle. After deployment I am not able to access the wsdl outside the box. Even in server if i replace localhost with hostname or its ip address the wsdl does not turn up.

      i.e http://localhost:9500/Soap?wsdl to


      Can some one please help me out in this?

      I am using apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-13



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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          You need elaborate how you deploy the CXF bundle? Which transport you intended to use(http-jetty or http-osgi)? Do you see any exception in the servicemix.log? Could you list the status of your customer CXF bundle? And could you post the configuration of your bundle?



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            Gautham Rajanna Newbie


            Since I had hard coded my cxf address with localhost, I could not use IP to look up the wsdl. When i changed localhost to IP in the hardcoded address, I was able to access the wsdl outside the box.


            Is there a way i can just set just the endpoint and port in cxf and let cxf take care of the address formation say just by giving 9000/soap, service should be available at http://localhost:9000/soap" ?

            Sorry this could be really a basic setting but since I am new to Fuse any help would help me with my implementation.


            Also my project has integrated to IBM mq. So my bundle needs an IBM jar to be packaged which is already available as part of dependency added in my pom.xml. But when i specify the jar name in