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    Pooling Temporary Queues?

    Jonathan Delaney Newbie

      Has anyone found performance issues with temporary queues? We're considering pooling and reusing the temp Qs that ActiveMQ creates to avoid performance issues with setting them up and tearing them down. Curious if anyone has seen this or knows of a setting to avoid this.

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          Gary Tully Novice

          it is always a good idea to pool destination resources and connections.


          Note that there was a recent fix (AMQ-2349) to the PooledConnection to ensure that it cleans up temp destinations on a call to close, before it is returned to the pool.

          So you need to keep the connection used to create temp destinations open.



          On the creation performance, one option that will help is if you disable the use of the temp advisory on a connection. This feature saves a round trip to the broker when an attempt to use a deleted temp should be flagged as an error, but it will not effect normal operation. Use the connection url parameter jms.watchTopicAdvisories=false or set the attribute on your ActiveMQConnectionFactory