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    Feature-Request: optimistic lock by timestamp

    Sven Baumgarten Newbie

      Hello JBoss Developer,

      I'm not sure if this is the right forum but anyway:

      JBoss provide optimistic lock by timestamp. In this modus JBoss updates a timstamp filed on every commit and compares if the value of the timestamp is the same as on read time. This works fine.

      Some databases provide timestamp fields (mostly binary values) that automatically are updated on every UPDATE statement by the database itself. That makes version control much safer. It would be nice if JBoss supported this feature. I think it's very easy to support because it is the same procedure like JBoss current timestamp model but without update the timstamp field in the UPDATE statement and using another datatype (byte[]).

      Is this feature in planning or could this done by any configurations in the current release?